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Augmented Reality London

Augmented Reality - The Future of E-Commerce

"Now that the pioneers have paved the way, other marketers should move quickly if they don’t want to miss the boat." - BCG

What is AR?

AR (Augmented Reality), not to be confused with VR, uses the camera of your smartphone to place any object in the real world - with accurate lighting, shadows and all the details that makes your product unique.

AR London Specular Films
Augmented Reality Example London

Why AR?

AR is the most anticipated trend for online retailers, bringing an innovative and immersive experience to your costumers. Being able to walk around the product and inspect it from any direction, helps the costumer to eliminate product doubts and creates a bond between costumer and brand.

Furthermore, the use of AR increases Brand Awareness and Engagement, ultimately leading to a stronger relationship between Brand and Customer.

AR for your Business!

We are here to provide Brands and Online-Shops with as engaging content as possible, with AR undoubtedly being the most innovative one. 

We create your products in AR - you just upload it to your E-Commerce Website. It is as simple as that. 

If you want to learn more about the process, get in touch and we will reach out to you shortly! 

AR for online shop London

You want to see AR in Action? Get in touch and we will send you an Example! 

If you have any questions about how, why, when and where, just send as an email and we will 

explain the process in detail.

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