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Specular Films is a London based Creative Agency and Production Company with an international network of award-winning creatives. 

Besides creating digital assets, we create narrative-driven content for Brands and global companies.


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What We Do

We love stories and we want to help you tell yours by creating branded content, narrative-driven commercials, product visualisations or short films.

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Every brand has its own story and we want to bring that story to life. We will create the perfect, narrative-driven commercial to spread your story to the world and connect with your audience on a new level.

We love stories and we love bringing them to life on the screen. All our work focuses on the story - sometimes they even make it to a stand-alone short film. Like "Florence"

Innovation is very important to us so we like to keep up-to-date with the latest technology. This opens up many opportunities, from creating product animations, narrative-driven films or AR-Ready 3D assets.